Wireless Network

A wireless network uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops to the Internet and to your business network

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Wireless Networks are fast and convenient when they are working but frustrating and slow when they are not. Wireless Networks are more common now than ever before. Most homes, hotels and offices have wireless networks. Being able to connect to these networks is essential nowadays.

Setup of a wireless network has become much easier but it still requires some technical knowledge to make sure you are connecting securely and that you are getting the best speeds out of your network.

The range and speed of a wireless network will vary on many factors Such as:

  1. Type of building and construction
  2. Power and wavelength of your router
  3. Other wireless interference in the general area
  4. Strength of the network card in your computer

If your having trouble connecting on one or more devices the issue could be related to your router which emits the signal. If your having trouble connecting on only one device you could have some software or hardware issues with that one device.

Our technicians have the training and skill to quickly diagnose any issue with your router or devices. We can repair and secure most wireless networks within the first hour of your appointment. In some cases the technician may recommend replacing your router or adding a repeater. We can provide you with the recommended equipment and help you set it up. We will get you up and going fast and for a fair price. If you have any questions regarding your wireless connections feel free to give us a call.

Thank you.