Printers: Install and Repair

Everyone needs printer at home and usually two or more printers at the office nowadays

We use them for everything from plane tickets to pictures. Installing printers though is something most people do not enjoy and for good reason. Installing printers or repairing them is enough to drive the average person nuts. Printers have different codes and connectors that are always changing and never seem to make any sense. There are laser and ink printers, wired and wireless, all in ones, and mobile ones too!

Well don’t worry we have you covered. Our techs have the experience to navigate the sea of options and get your printer set up not only correctly but the best way for your specific situation. Our techs have installed printers for simply family use, and all the way to printing across state lines for major businesses. We work on all major brands of printers.

Did your printer stop working? We can help you with that as well. Most issues are just a setting that was accidentally changed. Sometimes the software needs to be updated. We also see that sometimes the drivers become corrupt. Many times correctly uninstalling and re-installing your drivers or software for the printer can fix the issue very simply. We always recommend trying to just shut of the printer yourself and then restart it. Many times that will reconnect the printer and no repair is needed.

If not we can come to your home or office to diagnose the issue and get the them back online. Most printer issues are repaired in the first hour and you get the technician for the hour. You may have him tune-up your computers, check out your internet connection, make sure your network is secure, and scan for any viruses.

To find out more give us a call we are glad to help. Thanks.